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IT Leadership and Support

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TechnologyFX - "Right Sourced" Information Technology Expertise

Small and medium size businesses cannot afford to staff the complete variety of expertise and subject matter experts needed to effciently operate in today's technical business landscape.

TechnologyFX gives you access to technology experts, from strategic to tactical, and will partner with you to make sure that technology supports your business and does not weigh it down.

Whether you are looking for short-term assistance with a specific project or to be a long term partner we have solutions that fit your need.

  • Interim IT Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Short Term Technical Expertise
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Organization / Operational Expertise
  • IT Support on an "as needed" basis


Your IT Organization should complement your business -- your business should not adapt to your IT.

Many people build an IT organziation by creating an Organization Chart. The right way is to first understand your business needs then define your IT capabilities needed to support it.

We can assist you with analyzing your business and your IT organization to better align the two towards common goals. TechnologyFX offers many strategic IT services that can lead to a more effective IT environment.

  • Interim / Shared IT Leadership
  • Organizational Evaluation (Capabilities Alignment)
  • Budgeting
  • Mid and Long Term Strategic Planning
  • Governance

Our Business Process Operation (BPO) methodology ensures consistent, predictable results while minimizing business disruption.

At the core of BPO is client service delivery. The objective of this methodology is to develop solutions that deliver the process improvements necessary to increase productivity and lower operating costs. It is a simple philosophy of reviewing current processes, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing small changes that allow for major improvement.

Lean thinking is used to develop manageable solutions for each individual client program.

Every successful BPO managed solution uses tools as value stream mapping, workplace organization, and the creation of visual environments to simplify the understanding and promote Lean Thinking.


We all need a little help now and then.

Inefficient or non-functional IT systems can dramatically affect the productivity of your workforce.

Desktop workstations and the key software we depend on every day are subject to problems. Getting in front of those problems allows your staff to work, not worry. From workstation replacement, to software rollout, to populating new office space, TechnologyFX can assist you. We can provide IT Support on a project or incident basis. Contact us to discuss effective ways to keeping your workers working.

Improving ROI Through Effective Project Management

TechnologyFX will be your project management partner to assist you with planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. We utilize a lean and interactive approach to accomplish the project objectives on time and budget, and to proactively identify risks to commitments. TechnologyFX will coach the stakeholders in their roles and actively monitor progress of each milestone.

The temporary nature of projects is typically in contrast of the normal business as usual approach. Working with Technology FX will insure success as we are there to provide you the expertise and distinct technical skills necessary to execute each project phase.

We are Project Managers who have played all roles, from PM, to architect, to implementer.


With Technology FX, you work directly with the experienced experts.

Ted Crosson - Founder, VP, Network and Security Center of Excellence
Ted Crosson brings over twenty years of experience in organizational and technical leadership roles in technology centric companies, both publically and privately held. His experience as a solution architect in data center and LAN/WAN systems and his ability to lead projects cross functionally in an organization allow him to anticipate the challenges and guide the implementation of effective solutions under a variety of regulatory umbrellas (GxP / FDA, FFIEC, CLIA, HIPAA).

Ted is also an effective organizational leader who can assist with evaluating your organizations capabilities and implementing staff and structure to support your goals.

Ted has co-founded two previous small companies and, when not working, can be found flying in, or jumping out of, airplanes.


Clint Parsons - Founder, VP, IT Operations Center of Excellence
Clint has over fifteen years of technical management and industry experience with a background in IT strategies and implementations, cloud services integration and architecture, virtualization, data center operations, disaster recovery planning for business continuity, and budgeting analysis. He is Lean Six Sigma trained and utilizes the methodologies to continuously optimize IT operations and corporate processes to be as efficient as possible for all departments. In his previous roles Clint has helped several companies clean up their struggling technical support services and operations. Under his direction, IT maximizes all capabilities while focusing their efforts to support the corporate goals and always keeps an eye on the bottom line.


Chris Jones - Founder, VP, Communications Center of Excellence
Chris is a telecom genius. With over 15 years in lead communication roles for companies in a variety of markets as well as a considerable number of years in leadership roles guiding entire IT organizations. Chris cut his teeth in telecom helping large, multitenent call center organziation get stood up. From the larger Nortel and Avaya switches, to the latest Cisco, Chris knows voice.